Why is Forest School a Better Choice for Your Children?

Simply put: Forest School nurtures happy, independent, confident children who are eager to learn more. Research suggests that young children learn best from experience, by using their senses actively rather than passively, and it’s via these experiences that the...

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Nature, The Greatest Teacher

Wow – we did it! Aishling Forest School is so proud to have hosted the very first USA-based Forest School Association Leadership Training this past week. We laughed, learned and loved and now the movement to connect ourselves and children to each other and the greater...

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Who We Are and What We Do

“Nature is not a place to visit. Nature is home.” -Gary Snyder ...It's time for us to return home. To the expansive stillness that allows us to feel whole, complete and worthy. At the Aishling Forest School, our vision is to return the magic to childhood- for our...

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Just What is The Forest School Way?

Essentials Field Notes: Week Five   Last week, we spent time in our open field "welcoming area" due to the high winds and enjoyed the change of atmosphere that only an outdoor classroom can offer so beautifully. While exploring, we found a decaying owl and made a...

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From A Little Spark May Burst A Flame

Foundations Field Notes: Week Four   Last week, we took the time to rest and relax to honor our Southwest "Indicator of Awareness": Caring + Tending Caring + Tending is natural- we all possess instincts to wisely care for ourselves, others and the natural world....

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Down to the Nitty Gritty

Essentials Field Notes: Week Four Last week, we used an old-fashioned hand drill to make wood cookie necklaces. They focused on the task at hand, used grit and motor skills to drill a hole in their wood cookies and to string up their necklaces. Some learners wondered...

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Let’s Focus on Focus & Concentration

Foundations Field Notes: Week Three   Last week, we followed the trail of mystery to search for answers with our South "Indicator of Awareness": Inquisitive Focus We used jumbo magnifying glasses to widen and brighten our curiosity and ate organic blueberry chia seed...

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Exploring The Magic of Mud

Essentials Field Notes: Week Three Last week, we explored the magic of mud and began collectively designing and building our mud mansion (big thanks to Mama Carly for upcycling her kitchen supplies). The learners imagined and created a world beyond mudpies...some even...

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Finding That Sparkle in the Eye

Foundations Field Notes: Week Two Last week, we found our inner beat and celebrated the dance of life. Dancing helps children expand their imaginations, increase creativity and helps them learn three-dimensional thinking skills. It also increases self confidence,...

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