Just What is The Forest School Way?

Apr 23, 2019

Essentials Field Notes: Week Five


Last week, we spent time in our open field “welcoming area” due to the high winds and enjoyed the change of atmosphere that only an outdoor classroom can offer so beautifully.¬†While exploring, we found a decaying owl and made a stick circle around our feathered friend to honor his/her life and to examine from a distance. We spoke about the circle of life and the decomposition process.


We also played “capture the bandana” to allow for some physical release prior to setting up a homemade shell discovery, crushing and sand-making “factory”, adjacent to a hidden and wonderfully imaginative bakery within two large bushes.


During diligent and team based play, our learners took turns traveling to the shell quarry, transporting whole shells to their team-made work bench and then using “caveman” hammers aka large rocks to crush the shells into sand. We learned firsthand how shells, rocks and waves work together to create our most-loved Long Island beaches.


Roughhousing was again apart of our physical play last week and we plan on using this valuable opportunity to role play what it truly means to 1) Take Care of Yourself, 2) Take Care of Each Other and 3) Take Care of Mama Earth. These values make up “The Forest School Way” and are (above all else) what Forest School is all about. We can’t wait to dig deeper into this with our learners (and within ourselves)