Mommas, Let Your Kids Get Muddy

Apr 2, 2019

Essentials Field Notes: Week Two


This week, Master Composter Silvia Cohn joined us to teach us about the power of worm poop, aka composting. We played with “millions” of worms in Silvia’s “Worm Condo” and fed our tiny friends apple cores and banana peels. Our hands were filled with immune-boosting microbes and it was awesome. What a sensory explosion!


We then headed over to the Rossellini Farm to meet Farmer Patty and to explore her giant compost piles. We discovered more mini beasts, some big and some small and discovered just how amazing they are. We finished our day with a worm dance and song that is now a personal favorite. “Munch, munch, wiggle, wiggle, poop, poop. That’s compost!”


Mud and all things squishy and mushy have been of keen interest for our learners over the past two weeks. Since we take our cues from our brilliant and wonderfully creative learners, we’re going to bring in a mud kitchen this Friday. Did you know that exposure to mud actually works to prime a child’s immune system to prevent allergies? So, it’s healthy for children to get muddy, as well as enabling them to tap into their creativity & enhancing their fine motor skills.