From A Little Spark May Burst A Flame

Apr 23, 2019

Foundations Field Notes: Week Four


Last week, we took the time to rest and relax to honor our Southwest “Indicator of Awareness”: Caring + Tending
Caring + Tending is natural- we all possess instincts to wisely care for ourselves, others and the natural world. However, due to suppressive influences of our modern culture this attribute teeters on the edge of extinction,just like many wild, but endangered species. Therefore it’s vital that we consciously cultivate this innate sense within our communities.


During our gathering last week, we ate soothing and nourishing banana bread, cloudwatched from a hammock and even meditated all while our amazing little learners played in the great outdoors. Nature has a wondrous way of perfectly holding space for all.


We had the opportunity to make fire from a simple spark. A spark that required air and fuel to come alive. A spark that came from each of our personal fires and required care and tending in order to provide warmth and sustenance for others. We as caretakers must always remember this natural alchemy, for this is a fire of passion, compassion, purification, joy, and gratitude for life, and it can spread through communities and across nations.