Let’s Focus on Focus & Concentration

Apr 17, 2019

Foundations Field Notes: Week Three


Last week, we followed the trail of mystery to search for answers with our South “Indicator of Awareness”: Inquisitive Focus
We used jumbo magnifying glasses to widen and brighten our curiosity and ate organic blueberry chia seed pudding to boost our concentration.


We also introduced the “Art of Questioning” that encouraged us, as caretakers to help our little learners to dig deeper for their own answers. “I wonder where unicorns live? Where do you think they might like to live?”


Inquisitive Focus lies at the root of scientific thinking, the deductive and inductive kinds. Albert Einstein saw in primitive hunting the origins of the scientific method- to hypothesize and test, to seek clues and investigate. This willingness to live within mystery, to gather facts, to use the power of reason and intuition, to compile the results into theories and then to test them out in comparable situations to see if they hold up, all add up to Inquisitive Focus.