Finding That Sparkle in the Eye

Apr 10, 2019

Foundations Field Notes: Week Two

Last week, we found our inner beat and celebrated the dance of life. Dancing helps children expand their imaginations, increase creativity and helps them learn three-dimensional thinking skills. It also increases self confidence, energy and endurance, as well as creates a more positive mood to better prepare the children for a fun day in the forest.

Our Indicator of Awareness directed us towards the Southeast and to that of Aliveness + Agility or as the health and vitality of a wolf or coyote. This is a place of deeper orientation, rapid growth, passion and motivation. Through the use of homemade sounds, we were able to tap into excitement in motion and looked for that “sparkle in the eye.” This, more than anything is what we aim for at Forest School- that pure, childlike happiness. Coming out of the indoor culture which promotes convenience and inactivity, our families seem to burst alive with zest and glee for raw life.

It was fantastic to witness the glow as our learners slid down into our “Polar Bear Pool” and threw leaves into the air, giggling as they danced down onto their faces. Curiosity, wonder and aliveness, the foundations for building that sparkle in their eyes.