The Aishling Forest School Way includes…
1. Taking Care of Yourself
2. Taking Care of Others
3. Taking Care of Mama Earth
Our Food Magic

The order of The Aishling Forest School Way is very intentional, as we cannot fully show up for others and for the world if we are unable to show up for the most important person, yourself. One way to love yourself is through whole food nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We believe that food is magic and medicine and by looking directly at our nutrition, we become more aware of our community and our living environment.

 At Forest School, we provide whole food snacks that will nourish our learners so that they are ready, able and willing to play with an open heart, an empowered mind and strong body.

 Our Foodie Fairy, Ariana Curcio lovingly prepares all weekly snacks. As a child Ariana had a passion for cooking & baking, but it was when she became a vegetarian 25 years ago that she focused on healthy cooking & baking. When she isn’t taking care of her beautiful family or hiking with her puppy she is in the kitchen experimenting and evolving recipes to make them as healthy and tasteful as possible.

 All of our delicious and nutritious recipes will be made available via our private Forest Family Facebook Groups and right here. We hope that you’ll try making your favorite recipes at home!

Eating in the Forest

Learner’s snacks are either served in our welcoming space or within our home in the woods at our forest site. Learners will of course wash hands carefully before eating as they learn the importance of hygiene.

If you have any concerns with your learner’s eating habits or dietary preferences, please let us know, although you’d be surprised how well a learner who is fussy at home will eat with us!

Water is available at all times throughout the day.  In colder weather we will also have warm drinks available, including homemade wild teas and the occasional hot cacao elixir. In the warmer months, we will also have healthy and homemade ice lollies.

 When possible, our learners will help us to cook food over an open campfire. All fires will be lit, managed and supervised by our Forest School qualified staff.

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