Meet our Founding Forest Fairy, Jordan!

Mar 25, 2019

Our fun loving founder: Jordan Manfredi grew up a happy barn rat on Long Island and has lived in NYC, Indiana and California. During her time as an equine business management and marketing professor at Purdue University, she fostered a love of mentoring young adults. After she had her first wild child, Lily Love, she began leading Tinkergarten classes in Northport and cultivated her true calling- connecting young learners with nature and watching everyone around her blossom in nature’s embrace.

After the birth of her son, Bear in 2018, Jordan went to Galway, Ireland to train for her Level 3 Forest School Practicioner Certification with Huathe. She is also Outdoor First Aid certified.

What is she most excited to offer our Forest School?

“I am most excited to bring learners back “home”, to “strip it back to where it’s rich.” I believe it’s every child’s birthright to know and to love Mama Earth. I can’t wait to make magic in the forest, to create wonder and to share in the joy of truly, deeply seeing each other. I trust children and my hope is to nurture each learner’s innate ability to love themselves, each other and Mama Earth. To me, there is nothing more important. I am honored to offer my soul to this work and to as many families as possible.”


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